The Best Prayer Journal To Get Closer To God

The Benefits of Using a Prayer Journal (and the Best One to Buy!)

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I think we can all agree that there are moments in our lives when maintaining focus on certain activities poses a challenge, whether it is accomplishing a task, engaging in mindfulness, or even praying. A prayer journal is a great tool to help us stay focused on our daily prayer. It’s beneficial for those individuals who are seeking a deeper connection with their spirituality. A prayer journal is a place to write down your prayers and reflect on your life. Prayer journal prompts vary depending on which journal you decide to get, but some journals may have prompts that ask for your prayer requests, what you are thankful for, areas in your life that need improvement, and things that you need forgiveness for. Prayer journals are great for organizing your thoughts, feelings, and prayers.

What are the benefits of prayer journals?

  • Building a deeper connection with God
  • Reminder to pray every day
  • Can be good for healing or coping
  • Helps you remember what you are thankful for
  • Keeps a record of your prayers so you can see how your thoughts have evolved
  • Helps you become more self-aware of the things that you need or are struggling with
  • Helps you become more mindful
  • Helps you remember to pray for others
  • Helps you see how God has answered your prayers

Another benefit to using a prayer journal is that it only takes 5 minutes a day (unless you want to spend more time, of course). Keep it on your nightstand and use it when you wake up in the morning or right before bed. It’s a great way to remind yourself to pray every day and to get closer to God.

The Best Prayer Journals For Women

There are many prayer journals on the market. I have used this one in the past:

A Daily Prayer Journal. A Devotional Guide for Women

The author’s name is Marie Lucy. I checked out her page on Amazon and she has other ones as well. In addition, she also has some great gratitude journals. I actually use one of her gratitude journals every morning when I wake up. To see my article “The Benefits of Using a Gratitude Journal” click here. Here is the gratitude journal I use:

A Gratitude Journal. The Best Days Start with Gratitude

I’m just promoting these specific journals because I like them and they’ve worked out great for me. There are a ton of different journals out there so feel free to shop for one that works for you. However, if you want to browse through Marie Lucy’s Amazon page where she has several other journals, click here or browse below for a few more options. They also make great gifts for birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, or if someone is going through a tough time.

A Daily Prayer Journal for Women and Girls

A Daily Prayer Journal

A Daily Prayer Journal for Women

A Daily Prayer Journal

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